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Almost 20 years back I had a bad eye injury due to contact lenses that I was wearing. it was cured after consulting three different ophthalmologists. Then after even a thought of wearing contact lense scared me a lot. In a 121 with Jishnu I told him about my harsh experience long back. He asked me to visit his showroom once and get my eyes checked.

I went to his showroom after his constant insistence and got my eyes checked. He told me my eyes were too sensitive and got dried too fast and that was the reason, all contact lenses didn't suit my eyes. He suggested he had three to four different companies which manufactures high quality lenses that were 98% porous and will suit my eyes. I wasn't still convinced much as I had gone through lots of hassle during my last experience with contact lenses. jishnu totally went out of his way and gave me one month dispose off pair of lens totally free to try it out. Not only that he said that if it didn’t suit my eyes he will happily give me other companies lenses for free and we had three more options.

By his generous gesture today after two decades I am able to see this world without frame again. Thanks Jishnu and hereby I recommend Sethoptics to not only everyone here in this room but also to all my friends and family.


Surveen Multi Speciality Dental Center


I am very glad to give my testimonial to our own incredible entrepreneur Atlan, Mr. Jishnu Sheth of Seth Opticals.

Last week I visited the showroom for my daughter, Sia’s glasses. We chose a frame and ordered for the prescribed power of the lenses too. Due to peer influence my daughter refused to wear her new pair of spectacles, as she was made to realize that the frame was too big for her face. She was very much upset for that! After around 3-4 days of hesitation I called Jishnu regarding the matter. The way Jishnu handled this matter, is praiseworthy and not to be experienced at any other eye-wear retail outlet. He made me feel extra comfortable and asked me to send Sia the next day itself for her choice of glasses in exchange of the one’s which were already billed last week.

I would proudly recommend Sheth Opticals to my fellow Atlans and my contact sphere, to experience this unique blend of Quality, Care and Concern!!!


Aarya International


I have known you for almost one year but never had an experience before. But recently when my mother was here I tried to convince her to go to Sheth Opticals as since long she was looking for change of glasses and since years our family has never gone to any other optical shop except Himalaya Optical in Kolkata but after my persuasion she was convinced to visit Sheth Opticals.

“I have never visited an optical showroom with such dept knowledge of the subject and would like to thank Jishnu your friends from bottom of my heart to have such wonderful experience” my mother said.

She specially asked me to thank Jishnu on her behalf.

That is not all I had also bought a pair of sunglasses on the same day but after three days realized that it was too dark, was hesitant to call Jishnu for change but then gave it a try. As usual Jishnu said “Ritikaji don’t worry come over I shall change it.” It was a shock for me as I had never expected that and immediately he gave me a new one.

I would highly recommend Jishnu and Sheth Opticals for the services.


Laxmi Trident


Jishnu our very own Rocket Singh of Atlas is one of those with whom every service is a testimonial activity.

I recently broke my spectacles that I had bought online from some website. The website did not respond my mail to them for repairing the broken specs. I called Jishnu to guide me a way of repairing it. He immediately sent his office boy to collect my specs. He got the completely broken specs repaired and got it delivered to my office in a day, and did not charge me anything for that.

Jishnu did not just gave me service for the material which I had not even bought from him but also treated with the gratitude that has still left me awestruck. I highly recommend Sheth Optical services. There might thousands of opticians and more many online sellers but the services I have encountered from Jishnu has not equivalent match.

I had never expected that and immediately he gave me a new one.

I would highly recommend Jishnu and Sheth Opticals for the services.


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As "OSCAR WILDE" rightly said, 'One does not see anything until one sees its beauty'. The quote was very well proved by our very own friend JISHNU SHETH of the Sheth Opticals.

There are only two people in this world who can understand the difficulty and consequence that a person faces when their spectacles get broken.
First is the person who wears it every day.
Second, is the optician who helps those persons in their crisis.

Like a saviour in my crisis, JISHNU SHETH of Sheth Opticals helped me when my glasses got broken, in spite of the fact that those glasses were never bought from him. Not only did he get my glasses repaired which is not done in his shop, an option not easy for him too, but sends a staff of his to get it done in the old city and delivers it back to me in less than 24 hours.

hat's where I now see the beauty of being associated with people like JISHNU SHETH through BNI.



Bankim Merchant Motilal Oswal Ahmedabad


A week before diwali I broke my pair of spectacles. Having a higher number it was quite dificult for me to see and was unable to see properly as the spare pair was of different number. After visiting nearly 5 shops I called up jishnu for the same.

He in his all humble nature, said why don't come down and he will take care of the rest. At his shop jishnu helped me with the frame and the right no but to my surprise said he will deliver by tomorrow afternoon.

And as per his promise he sent me the new pair to my office within 12 hours. Thank you jishnu for the help.



Hi-tech Industries

While playing tennis my specs where broken, As the frame was expensive I wanted to repair it, I have contacted the optician from where I have brought it, but he said that it cannot be repaired, You have to buy a new frame, I decided to buy new specs from Jishnu of Sheth Opticals, when Jishnu saw my broken specs , he said that you don’t need to buy new frame , I will arrange to repair it, within 2 days he repaired my broken specs , without taking any charge. Jishnu selflessly arrange to repair my specs and also gave me sport belts to fix with frame so that it will not break again while playing tennis.

I really appreciate the kind gesture shown by jishnu without his personal interest, It’s remarkable , I strongly recommended Sheth Opticals for all types of specs requirement.

Thank you, Mr.Jishnu Sheth ………… are the best.

For Hi-tech Industries

-Piyush Padia